Pacific Pods
Modular design for flat pack homes and buildings

Steel Materials

Modular Construction

Varied Configurations

Pacific Pods is a New Zealand based business and social enterprise focused on providing low cost kitset sheds and modular flat pack homes NZ wide and throughout the Pacific region. 

Our initial focus was to create a solution for remote Pacific Island communities by supplying village based medical centres in the outer islands and other isolated communities, while supporting local business and employment opportunities. This has evolved to providing relocatable buildings and  flat pack homes for NZ customers looking for affordable alternatives to creating additional space across a growing range of applications for both home and commercial settings.

Relocatable cabins for commercial use

Ideal for temporary commercial buildings like site offices, the strong steel construction makes our pods easy to secure and the insulated panels offer protection from the heat and cold all year round.

Pods for primary industry applications

From farm worker accommodation to irrigation equipment housing, Pacific Pods have a range of applications suitable for rural and other primary industry, including off grid sites and high wind zones.

Need some extra room at home?

The modular design and multiple window and door options of our pods a great option for the man cave or sleepout. Exteriors can be blended with surroundings, creating a comfortable space that is pleasing to the eye.

Relocatable cabins and kitset sheds
versatile and affordable

The modular design of Pacific Pods creates both affordability and versatility for clients looking for multipurpose, relocatable cabins and outbuildings for residential, rural or commercial use.

Features include

  • Versatile modular design
  • Secure and strong steel construction
  • Fully insulated to New Zealand building regulations
  • Pre-wired for LED lighting and power
  • Solar ready for off-grid applications
  • Transportable as panels or fully assembled relocatable cabins
  • Fast and simple assembly and break down
  • Ideal for high wind zones and extreme weather conditions
  • Multiple window and door options