Farm sheds configured using modular pod system

Pacific Pods have launched a range of relocatable farm sheds to meet the needs of New Zealand’s rural sector.

Designed for installing in remote locations throughout the Pacific, our modular flat pack panel construction provides affordable and practical options for installing outbuildings or additional accommodation ideal for high country farming, forestry and horticultural businesses.

Transportable farm buildings from shearers quarters to irrigation housing

Whatever location or geography, Pacific Pods’ transportable farm buildings provide versatile solutions to suit all manner of applications.

From shearers quarters and seasonal worker accommodation through to secure housing for computer-controlled irrigation equipment, the sandwiched insulation provides a more regulated temperature no matter what the season. The reinforced steel construction makes Pacific Pods suitable for high wind zones.

Pre-wired for both mains power and off-grid applications, so that you can power up our portable farm buildings anywhere on your property.

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