Commercial transportable cabins

Transportable cabins and temporary buildings for commercial use

Pacific Pods transportable cabins are the perfect solution for commercial and industrial businesses in need of temporary buildings for short-term projects like seasonal workers accommodation, smoko huts and extra office space during building fit-outs. 

Fully portable construction site office buildings

Our fully portable construction site office buildings can be configured to suit the size and layout needed. The no-fuss installation and breakdown process is designed to create minimal impact, leaving less surface damage at the completion of the project. 

  • Reinforced steel panel construction for secure lockdown
  • A practical range of options for doors and windows
  • Prewired and certified for connection to main power 
  • Solar ready for off-grid applications
  • Sandwiched insulation for better interior temperature regulation

Deliverable by Hiab to handle most site access issues

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Recent Commercial Projects

Wakari Hospital Childcare Staff Space

This 20ft [6m] pod installation was designed by the staff at Wakari hospital’s childcare department. They wanted a separate space that could be placed somewhere private for the staff to go to on breaks, where they could do paperwork, have coffee and relax. The previous set-up was a room attached to the centre itself, but was not private and was too accessible to the kids.

Now it sits in a nice garden away from the kids, so the staff can chill in private.

The space needed to allow for separate cubby holes for personal belongings, cabinets, fridge, microwave and seating with storage underneath.

We fitted the sliding glass door and an extra window as well as a heater.

The staff love it, as it sits in the sun and has the surrounding garden.

With the other options they considered, the cost was just too prohibitive, so Pacific Pods was perfect for their needs at the right price point. With what’s left over in their budget they are going to add a deck in front.

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